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SGA211 air-jet loom

With the advanced level, Model SGA211 air-jet loom is a result of adopting advantages of other looms in striving to make technological breakthrough.
Product description

With the advanced level, Model SGA211 air-jet loom is a result of adopting advantages of other looms in striving to make technological breakthrough. This loom has automatic computer control system. The strong box wallboard on the both sides and crossbeam constitute a low shocked and high rigid frame structure. Its super-torque motor, flexible beating-up mechanism, shedding mechanism for high-speed running, stable weft insertion system, electronic let-off device for keeping warp tension regular, and double-probe photoelectric bobbin feeler ensure high-speed operation and the weaving of high-quality fabrics. Of this loom, the main driving parts are lubricated with oil bath, and the other oil parts are centralizely lubricated; therefore, it’s easy to repair and maintain. The shortened air flue, high-sensitive electromagnetic valves and strong-transmitting nozzles remarkably reduce the weaving costs. With powerful generality and extensive weaving scope, it is applicable to weave cotton fabrics, chemical fibers and blended fabrics.


Main Structures and Technical Parameters:

  1. Reed width:

    Nominal reed width: 190, 230, 250, 280, 320, 340, 360 (cm);            

    Effective reed width: minus 0~60cm (190~250cm), minus 0~80cm (280~360cm).

  2. Weaving scope:  staple: 100~5s     filament: 50~900D

  3. Weft selecting: double-jet and four-jet (optional).

  4. Main drive: super-torque motor; the loom stops by electromagnetic brake positioning;

    power of main motor: 2.7KW (190-230cm), 3.0KW (250-280cm), 3.7KW (320-360cm).

  5. Loom speed: 500-800rpm

  6. Weft insertion: with parallel type of auxiliary main nozzle, main nozzle, auxiliary nozzle and stretch nozzle controlled by electromagnetic valve, the computer uses irregularly shaped reed to control airflow and weft yarn.

  7. Shedding: negative cam shedding (eight heald frames at most), positive cam shedding (eight frames at most),and dobby shedding (sixteen heald frames at most).

  8. Take-up: Electronic take-up.Max. cloth rolling diameter: 600mm.scope of weft density: 25-300 picks/inch. It has functions of electronic length-counting and stopping at fixed length.

  9. Beating-up: beating-up mechanism with crank-type multi-slay sword; the crank is lubricated with oil bath.

  10. Length measuring and weft storing: electronic control drum weft storing.

  11. Weft stand: floor 2 and 4 cylinders.

  12. Selvedge: planetary gear selvedge and independent electronic selvedge (optional).

  13. Auxiliary edge: multi-cylinder type; parallel-cylinder type.

  14. Weft cutting: mechanical cutter and independent electronic cutter (optional).

  15. Lubricating system: closed oil-bath form for main driving parts; handle centralized lubrication for the others.

  16. Auto-stop device:

    Weft yarn breakage: controlled by 2 photoelectric bobbin feelers;

    Warp yarn breakage: controlled by electric 6-line droppers;

    Others: broken ends of leno selvedge yarns and auxiliary selvedge yarns are controlled by different electronic switches;

    Display of the cause of loom stopping: messages are displayed on the display screen; multi-functional

    4-color lamp stopping display.

  17. Automatization: multi-functional computer control system (functions of condition setting, controlling, monitoring and auto diagnosing etc.); automatic cloth-fell fitting: slow dot motion by converter (positive and negative rotation); function of memory card.

  18. Weight: 3.5~4.8T

  19. Site area: positive shedding: (4330~6030) ×1860 (mm).

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