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GSL190 Rattan Weaving Machine

Product description

Main Construction and Technical Parameters:

    1.Reed width: 1900mm.

    2.Shedding: top-setted single dobby, positive shedding, plastic foils control system. It is easy to change weaving patterns.

    3.Weft Insertion: rigid single rapier weft insertion system.

    4.Weft Beating: conjugate cam weft beating system.

    5.Let Off: Frequency control let off system.

    6.Take Up: Servo motor driven and electrical control take up system.

    7.Selvage locking: Doup edge (option: ironing selvage + cutting edge).

    8.Weft accumulator: special designed flat yarn weft accumulator and Length measurement system.

    9.No. of harness frame: 4 pieces (option: 6 or 8 pieces).

    10.Main drive: frequency control motor, power of main motor: 4 Kw.

    11.Electric Control: PLC control;

    12.Lubrication: Central lubrication + hand operated lubrication.

    13.Speed: 10-50 rpm (according to fabric model).

    14.Warp Feeding: cone and creel warp feeding system; (users prepare the creel).

    15.Dimension: L×W×H=5900×4565×2350mm;

    16.Application: For weaving plain、twill fabric.


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