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CXWE Model Corrugator Belt Weaving Machine

Product description

Application: Professional for weaving corrugator belt series etc fabrics.


Technical Parameters:

  1、Reed Width:2800mm、3000mm。

  2、Framework:two sets of main wallboard, two sets of middle wallboard, the framework is combined with


  3、Shedding: heavy duty two sided dobby shedding system,16 pieces of steel heald frame,6000 pieces of

high powered heddle.

  4、Weft Insertion: Pneumatic control, picking stick shooting-in, wood shuttle weft insertion, shuttle box inspection.

  5、Driven: Single motor and single pneumatic clutch,single side drive, Motor:15 Kw.

  6、Slay: heavy duty slay, heavy reed cap, beating force:6T/M.

  7、Speed: 30-40 rpm.

  8、Take Up: electrical control, servo motor driven gear-roller model three rollers take up system with press adjustment part.

  9、Let off: electrical control, servo motor drive the vertical positive let off system, 5 pairs of let off roller,pressure can be adjusted,10 pieces of beam pipe φ110mm, warp beam frame (width 2600mm).

  10、Control: with PLC computer control system, the complete machine can freely set various parameters and automatically display faults.

  11、Lubrication: the complete machine adopts automatic pump for grease lubrication.

  12、Weight: about 35T.


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