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TG100 Geotextile Loom

This machine is used for weaving all kinds of super widely geotextile in all kinds of material.
Product description

This machine is used for weaving all kinds of super widely geotextile in all kinds of material.


Technical Parameters:

  1、Range of fiber:chemical fiber、plastic etc wire or yarn.

  2、Reed Width: 6M-20M

  4、Max.Speed: 45- 25rpm.

  5、Total Power of Machine: 13KW-18KW.

  6、Weight: 22-40T

  7、Overall Dimension(mm):depth×height: 6000×2500

  8、width:reed width +(4-6)M


Main Construction:

  1、Framework: the main wallboard adopting iron box structure and the complete machine combined with


  2、Main driven: bilateral (double) motor single side or two-sided coaxial drive; single or double pneumatic

    clutch (up to 10m width, adopting double side driven).

  3、Weft Insertion mechanism: Pneumatic or mechanical or hydraulic shooting-in system with 2 or 6 colors weft yarn.

  4、Shedding Mechanism: single (both) side heavy duty dobby system, 10 pieces of heald frames;up to 10m width,via double side dobby, inclined ring temple.

  5、Beating Up Mechanism: multi-segment combined crank four-linkage weft beating,max beating force:1.2T/M.

  6、Take-up Mechanism:electronical control single side or double sided three rollers positive take upsystem,mechanical or hydraulic model middle roller increase pressure.

  7、Let-off Mechanism:electronical control positive let off system or negative let off system.(single warp beam, separate dis warping).

  8、Fabric Rolling Mechanism:morque motor driven, external central or superfical fabric rolling system.

  9、Lubrication system:adopting grease lubricate in automatic oil supplying and controlling systemtogether.

  10、Controlling System: with PLC computer control system, the complete machine can freely setvarious parameters and automatically display faults.

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