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GWJ Dryer Fabric for Paper Making Rapier Loom

This machine is suitable for weaving high-strength and high-density dryer fabric、double warp polyester heterotype flat yarn and other kinds of heavy fabrics.
Product description

This machine is suitable for weaving dryer textiles with high strength and density, as well as double warp polyester heterotype flat yarn and other heavy fabrics.


Technical Parameters

1. Range of Polyester Monofilament: warp: 0.3~1.0 mm,weft: 0.2~0.9mm.

2. Weft Density: 35~400 picks per 10cm.

3. Reed Width: 9000~12500mm.

4. Economic Speed: 60rpm.

5. Power: About 150kw.

6. Weight: About 80-100T


Main Constructions

1. Framework Mechanism:The main wallboard is fixed on the entire basement and is combined with a cast iron box.

2. Main Drive Mechanism: Two-sided coaxial drive with a new type of reluctance motor.

3. Shedding Mechanism: Two-sided Double lift heavy dobby, 16 pieces of heald frames.

4. Weft Insertion: Using a servo motor to insert double rapier wefts and a four-color automatic weft selection system,

5. Beating-up: Four-linkage weft beating with a multi-segment combined crank.

6. Take-up Mechanism: Three-roller positive take-up is achieved by connecting a motor to a two-sided special large torque mechanical turbine and worm reducer.

7. Let-off Mechanism: Two warp beams with positive let-off are driven by a servo motor.

8. Fabric Rolling Mechanism: External central fabric rolling system that is completely self-contained.

9. Lubrication System: The whole machine has automatic centralized lubrication and manual lubrication.

10. Controlling System: The PLC computer control system allows the entire machine to set various parameters, display faults, and stop automatically.

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