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DWJ Wide Rapier Loom was dispatched.

Industry News

DWJ Wide Rapier Loom manufactured by Shijiazhuang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. was dispatched.

The maximum bearing capacity tension is 0.6T/M, the whole machine work stable which possess the functions of single construction, easy operated, manpower saving, low noise, higher efficiency and better cost performance.

This machine is suitable to weave light woven press felt (plain weaving, not ring weaving), geotextile, the glass fiber cloth, lamp box cloth, advertisement cloth, wide canvas.

Shijiazhuang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the development and production of Special Loom for Industrial Textile for 30 years. Our company is the solution expert of special textile equipment industry, so we can effectively provide you with all kinds of special fabric solutions. At the same time,  our advanced production equipment and professional R & D team can escort your project safety.