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Our company has successfully carried out weekly regular novel Coronavirus nucleic acid screening for our staff

Company News

In order to further consolidate the hard-won epidemic prevention and control achievements of The city and timely check the potential risks of the epidemic, in accordance with the national and provincial epidemic prevention and control requirements and the decision of the Municipal Epidemic prevention and control Headquarters, our company actively responded to the call of the government and carried out weekly regular Novel Coronavirus nucleic acid screening for employees on May 24.

Employees from all departments lined up orderly and collected cell samples one by one at 7:00 a.m., as part of the company's unified organization. Employees strictly follow the requirements of epidemic prevention and control during the testing process, wearing masks the entire time and taking samples from a safe distance.

Overall, the nucleic acid detection work is quick, efficient, and well-organized. Every employee took the initiative to participate, demonstrating the company's culture of following orders and taking risks.

Negative nucleic acid screening in public places and carrying out regular novel coronavirus nucleic acid screening are an important means of early detection of epidemic risks and ensuring social stability, as well as a necessary measure for self-health management of residents. Our entire company understands and supports, actively participates in, actively detects and cooperates with inspection, builds a solid mass prevention and control defense line, and works together to protect the hard-won achievements in epidemic prevention and control.