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Have you ever had such a situation? You have a special fabric that is rare in the market, and the potential market for this fabric is high. The product also has high added value and commercial returns. But there is no ready-made equipment to produce it in domestic and even international market. Then you may suffer from the lack of production equipment and miss the business opportunities. I’m sorry, it's our fault, because we didn't do our job well. We didn’t let you know us and didn’t let you know that our products can meet your needs. So, give us the product you want to make, and we will give you a satisfactory answer!  


Shijiangzhuang Textile Machinery has a professional technical team to research and develop special loom, and can quickly provide technical solutions according to customer’s requirements in terms of shorten the R&D manufacturing cycle. The R&D technology can be transformed into productivity in a very short period of time with our own production and processing advantage, which provides a strong guarantee for customers to enter the market quickly and occupy the market.  


Shijiangzhuang Textile Machinery provides full-process tracking after-sales service for you, and let you be satisfied with our services and rest assured of our equipment.