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SGA211 air jet loom

Product description
The SGA211 air jet loom has been developed through technical research. This machine adopts automatic control of computer system. The tough side wall panels and beams form a low-vibration, high-rigidity frame structure. The use of super-torque motor, smart and powerful beating mechanism, open mechanism for high-speed operation, stable weft insertion system, ELO electronic let-off device with uniform warp tension and double-probe photoelectric weft detector ensure high speed of loom Run and weave high quality fabrics. The main transmission parts of the machine are all in oil bath mode, and other fueling parts are concentrated for oil supply, which is easy to maintain. The shortened airway, the use of high-sensitivity solenoid valves and nozzles with strong yarn forces greatly reduce the cost of weaving. The machine has strong versatility and a wide range of weaving, and can be applied to cotton fabrics, chemical fibers and blended fabrics.
Main structure and technical parameters
1. 筘 :: nominal width: 190, 230, 250, 280, 320, 340, 360 (cm);
Effective through the web: 190 ~ 250cm minus 0 ~ 60cm, 80 ~ 360cm minus 0 ~ 80cm.
2, weaving range: staple fiber: 100-5s filament: 50-900D glass fiber
3, weft selection: double spray, four spray arbitrary weft selection.
4. Main drive: Super torque motor, positioning and stopping by electromagnetic brake.
Main motor power: 2.7KW (190-230cm), 3.0KW (250-280cm), 3.7KW (320-360cm).
5, design speed: 500 ~ 800 rev / min
6. Weft insertion: the auxiliary main nozzle, main nozzle, sub-nozzle and stretching nozzle controlled by the computer through the solenoid valve,
Use a profiled steel to control airflow and weft,
7. Opening: negative cam opening (up to eight heald frames), positive cam opening (up to eight heald frames), multi-arm opening (up to sixteen heald frames),
8, coiling: electronic coiling. The largest roll diameter: 600mm; weft density range: 25 ~ 300 / inch. There are electronic counting length and fixed length parking function.
9, beating: crank-type multi-seat foot beating mechanism, crank oil bath lubrication.
10. Measuring length storage latitude: electronically controlled drum storage latitude.
11. Weft creel: 2 floor and 4 bobbins.
12, cloth edge: planetary gear stranded; independent electronic stranding (optional).
13. Auxiliary side: multi-yarn tube type, and bobbin type.
14. Shearing: mechanical scissors, independent electronic scissors (optional).
15. Lubrication system: The main transmission part is the closed oil bath mode, and the rest is the manual pump centralized oil supply.
16, self-stop device:
Weft yarn breakage: 2 photoelectric weft detector controls.
Warp yarn breakage: Electrical 6-row dropper control.
Other: The twisted yarn and the auxiliary side yarn break are controlled by different electronic switches.
Parking reason display: Display information on the display, multi-function 4-color light parking display.
17. Automation: Multi-function computer control system (condition setting, control, monitoring, self-diagnosis function, etc.).
Automatic weaving port: Slowly jog (forward and reverse) and memory card function through the inverter.
18, machine weight: about 3.5 ~ 4.8 tons
19, floor space (mm): active opening (4330 ~ 6030) × 1860.
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