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SZG heavy duty industrial fabric loom

Product description
This machine is suitable for weaving heavyweight, high density industrial filter cloth.
Technical Parameters:
  1. The width of the wearing frame is 2600mm, 2800mm and 3600mm.
  2. Weft density range: 6-45 roots/cm.
  3, the main range of yarn count: warp line 0.1-0.7mm, weft line 0.1-0.7mm.
  4, the machine speed: 150-200 rev / min.
  5, the whole machine power: about 21kw.
  6, the weight of the machine: about 10 tons
The main structure:
  1. Frame: Steel wall panel, integral base.
  2. Main drive: The reluctance motor is driven in the middle.
  3. Opening mechanism: lower-mounted electronic multi-arm opening, 16-piece heald frame.
  4. Weft insertion mechanism: flexible rapier weft insertion.
  5. Beating mechanism: conjugate cam beating.
  6, the winding mechanism: servo drive winding.
  7. Conveying mechanism: The servo drive actively delivers the warp, and the double warp beam can satisfy the different warp volumes of the two warp beams.
  8. Rolling mechanism: The outer surface of the machine is independently wound, and the diameter of the cloth can reach 1.2m.
  9. Lubrication system: The whole machine adopts automatic centralized lubrication.
10. Control system: The whole machine adopts PLC programmable automatic control system, which can set the loom freely.
               Various parameters, fault self-stop, automatic display.
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