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TWA metal mesh rapier loom

Product description
TWA metal mesh rapier loom
  This machine is suitable for weaving all kinds of metal mesh.
  Technical Parameters:
1. The width of the wearing frame is 3000-5000mm.
2, applicable wire: stainless steel, copper and other types of wire.
3. Economic speed: 30 rpm.
4. The total power of the whole machine: 7.5kw.
5, machine weight: about 20T.
The main structure:
1. Frame: It consists of two main wall panels and multiple groups of medium wall panels.
2. Main transmission: The main motor drives the whole machine through the pneumatic clutch.
3. Opening mechanism: treading cam opening, 4 heald frames.
4, weft insertion mechanism: servo drive, rapier weft insertion.
5, the beating mechanism: the crankshaft six-bar linkage secondary beating.
6, winding mechanism: mechanical coiling.
7, the delivery mechanism: mechanically active delivery.
8. Control system: The whole machine adopts PLC programmable automatic control system, which can be set freely.
              Various parameters of the loom, fault self-stop, positioning and parking, automatic display.
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