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CXWT Special Screen Loom

Product description
The machine can weave heavy and heavy press nets, desulfurization nets, and other fabrics, as well as heavy environmental protection filters.
 Technical Parameters:
 1. Polyester monofilament application range: 0.3~1.2mm.
 2, Weft density range: 40 ~ 150 latitude per 10cm.
 3, Reed width: 6300mm-7500mm.
 4. Economic speed: 40-45 rpm.
 5, The total power of the whole machine: about 50 kw.
 6, The machine weight: about 40T-60T.
 The main structure:
 1. Frame: The main wall board is made of cast iron, and the entire machine is installed on the entire base.
 2. Main transmission: A double-side reluctance motor with coaxial transmission.
 3. Opening mechanism: double-sided heavy-duty multi-arm structure opening, 10-page heald frame.
 4, weft insertion mechanism: servo motor single rapier weft insertion, 2 color weft selection.
 5, the beating mechanism: multi-section split combination crank four-bar hitting.
 6, the winding mechanism: servo drive three rolls actively coiled.
 7, the warp mechanism: servo drive double warp beam active delivery.
 8, the network mechanism: independent outside the center of the volume.
 9. Lubrication system: The whole machine adopts the combination of grease lubrication automatic oil supply and manual fueling.
10. Control system: The whole machine adopts PLC programmable automatic control system, which can be freely set and weaved. Various parameters of the machine, fault self-stop, automatic display.
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