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CXWJ Forming Fabric for Paper Making Rapier Loom

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CXWJ Forming Fabric for Paper Making Rapier Loom

This machine is to weave single layer and multi-layes forming fabrics ,

Product description

CXWJ Forming Fabric for Paper Making Rapier Loom
This machine is capable of weaving both single-layer and multi-layer fabrics.

Technical parameters :
1. Extension of Polyester Monofilament: 0.1~0.8 mm.
2. Weft Density: 100~1200 picks/10cm.
3. Reed Width: 5.5m-12.8m.
4. Economic Speed: 40rpm.
5. Total power: 20 KW-40 KW.

Main construction:
1. Framework: The main wallboard adopts an iron box structure. The machine is installed on the basement.
2. Main Drive: Adopting reluctance motor, two-sided coaxial drive.
3. Shedding: Two-sided double acting dobby, 20 heddle frame.
4. Weft Insertion: Servo motor drive, double rapiers weft insertion , six-color weft selecting device.
5. Beating-up: Multi-segment combined crank four-linkage weft beating.
6. Take-up:  Servo motor drive ,electronic control three-roller positive take-up.
7. Let-off : Servo motor drive, double warp beam, positive let-off.
8. Web-rolling : External superficial web rolling is driven by an independent torque motor.
9. Lubrication: The complete machine is lubricated with automatic grease lubrication and hand oil lubrication.
10. Controlling: With the PLC computer control system, the complete machine can freely set various parameters and automatically display faults.