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DWJ Wide Rapier Loom

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DWJ Wide Rapier Loom

Product description

The maximum bearing capacity tension is 0.6T/M, the whole machine work stable which possess the functions of single construction, easy operated, manpower saving, low noise, higher efficiency and better cost performance.

This machine is suitable to weave light woven press felt (plain weaving, not ring weaving), geotextile, the glass fiber cloth, lamp box cloth, advertisement cloth, wide canvas.


Technical Parameters:

1.Applicable Yarn: single wire, joint thread, cotton yarn, chemical fiber yarn.

2.Weft Density:MAX:65-80picks/10cm

3.Reed Width: 4500-7200mm.

4.Economic Speed:80rpm

5.Power : 15kw

6.Weight: About 13T.


Main Constructions:

1.Frame Work: It consists of steel wallboard.

2.Shedding Mode: Upper electronic dobby opening, 10 pieces of heald frames.

3.Weft Insertion: Servo motor driven, flexible double rapiers weft insertion system.

4.Weft Beating: Four linkage lever multi point weft beating system.

5.Take up: Electronical take up, servo motor drive.

6.Let off: Single warp beam let off, servo motor drive system.

7.Fabric Rolling: External central fabric rolling.

8.Controlling System: With OMRON PLC computer control system, the complete machine can freely set up various parameters and automatically display faults.