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CXWT Special Screen Loom

Industry News

Product description

This is a super-heavy loom designed for weaving special web, especially for thick and heavy press web, filter sieve, desulfurized and heavy environmental protection screen etc.


Technical Parameters

1、Range of Polyester monofilament: 0.2~1.2mm

2、Weft Density: 40~150 picks/10cm

3、Reed Width: 6300mm-7500mm. 

4、Economic Loom Speed: 40-45rpm.

5、Power r: About 50Kw. 

6、Weight: Approx. 40~60T.


Main Constructions

1、Framework: The main wallboard adopts iron box structure; The machine installed on the overall base.

2、Main driven: Adopting bilateral motor two-sided coaxial drive.

3、Shedding Mechanism: Adopting bilateral broad knife blade side-drawing dobby device, 10 heald frames. 

4、Weft Insertion mechanism: Servo motor drive, rapier weft insertion. 2 weft selection.

5、Beating Up Mechanism: Adopting multi-fissions crank four-linkage weft beating. Crankshaft has variable speed device drive.

6、Take Up Mechanism: Adopting servo motor control three-roller positive take-up.

7、Let-off Mechanism: Adopting servo motor control positive let-off.

8、Web-rolling Mechanism: Independent external central fabric rolling system.

9、Lubrication system: Automatic grease lubrication and manual lubrication.

10、Controlling System: With PLC computer control system, the complete machine can freely set up various parameters and automatically display faults.