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Importance of High quality Integral Core for Fire Retardant Conveyor Belt in Coal Mine Transportation Industry

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The underground mining work of coal mine is affected by geological conditions and coal seam complexity. It has very strict requirements for the quality of conveyor belt. It is necessary to ensure the high standard of integralcore for fire retardant conveyor belt in coal mine rapier loom in order to improve the quality of conveyor belt and ensure the safety and stability of undergroundactivity effectively.      




Shijiazhuang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., according to the market demand, has independently developed a new type of weaving machine with high grade andhigh strength integral fire retardant core, which is applied to the production of high strength integral core for fire retardant conveyor belt.


GA727 Integral Core for Fire Retardant Conveyor Belt in Coal Mine Rapier Loom




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