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Warping machine

This machine is high speed warping machine which used in the beam warping of polyester monofilament,industrial fabrics,
Product description

This machine is high speed warping  machine which used in  the beam warping of polyester monofilament,industrial fabrics, chemical fiber nylon  and so on , it is the important Accessory Equipment for industrial  fabrics and woven press felt weaving manchine.


Technical Parameters:

  1. spindle No.: 400-1000( according to the needs of customer )

  2.scope of monofilament:0.03-1.0mm。

  3.warping specification: 450×800×250×280(mm) casting aliminum alloy.

  4.winding: frequency stepless speed regulating,closed circle control speed of the warp yarn and the  speed of the yarn is stable.

  5. warp tension:pheumatic adjusting,warp tension display numbers, tension   is under3000N.

  6.fixed -length checking:numbers display,record lenth and record circle, which is double secure control.

  7.main drive:chain driving, Planet-Cycloid Retarder.

  8.operation:starting,electric motion , Reversing ,adjusting speed 。

  9.motor power:4kw.

  10.speed:15m/min(chemical fiber ,polyester yarn),20m/min(industrial fabrics)

  11.weight:1.8T(not including spindle)

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